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No one disputes that a college degree is now the “new high school” necessary to succeed in today’s job market, or that an educated society is crucial to our country’s ability to compete in the diversified, global economy of tomorrow.

Yet Virginia public colleges and universities are now the seventh most expensive in the country . . . and in 2015, Virginia had zero—that’s right, zero—economic growth.

Education debt now exceeds credit card debt in our country, enslaving young and old alike by foreclosing certain career choices, the American dream of homeownership and, perhaps worst of all, making it difficult for graduates to risk starting small businesses that have always been the lifeblood of America’s economy.

And while students struggle daily to repay their debt burdens, many universities have been amassing huge endowments and increasing tuition at four to five times the rate of inflation.

Current policies have failed to stem this tide.

Something has to change. And you can help.

Start by taking our survey to help us understand public sentiment about this issue.

Share what you know, tell us your thoughts on soaring college tuition costs and crippling education debt, and give us your personal stories.

Offer your best ideas for solutions to this pressing problem, and let us know how you’d like to ACT Now.

We will compile an analysis of the survey results with actionable responses and share it publicly.

This survey is presented as a special project from Partners for Affordable Excellence @EDU (www.partners4edu.org).


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