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Reader Writes “Hoping for changes in higher ed”

Thank you, Frank Stumpf Jr. of Richmond.

On February 10, 2017, Stumpf’s wish for change in higher education in Virginia was published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in a letter to the editor.

“One wonders how the entrenched education special interests and bureaucracies can continue to deflect the blame for the out-of-control costs of higher education from the institutions themselves,” Stumpf wrote. “Your editorial, which focuses on the public universities in Virginia, debunks the false narrative that blames these astronomical cost increases on falling state support.”

Stumpf further said “hopefully, the new organization you mention, Partners4 Affordable Excellence @EDU and new leadership at the Department of Education, can provide more honest and helpful insight into the causes of both the unacceptable increases in the cost of higher education and the real and increasing threat of student loan defaults.”

Partners 4 Affordable Excellence @EDU, our parent organization, is up for the challenge and continues to advocate for higher education reform, bringing more affordability, transparency and accountability to public institutions.

Read Stumpf’s complete letter here.

If you want to join Stumpf and ACT Now!, visit our ACTion Center here. Sign a petition. Find and write your legislator to let them know higher education reform is important to you. And track legislation currently introduced and pending in Virginia.