“One word explains the slide in college enrollment: Duh.” – Affordable College Tuition
“One word explains the slide in college enrollment: Duh.”

The headline in a Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial published here today truly says it all in one word.

One word explains the slide in college enrollment: Duh.

“The smart folks who oversee Virginia’s colleges and universities are flummoxed. For the life of them, they can’t figure out why recent enrollment isn’t higher,” the editorial said.

“After all, Virginia high schools graduated 3,233 more students last year than the year before, including an additional 1,368 with advanced diplomas, which align with college entrance requirements. Yet enrollment at the state’s four-year universities barely budged, and enrollment at two-year colleges fell 3.3 percent.”

Looking even further out, the numbers get even worse.

“Since 2012-2013, two-year public college enrollment has dropped 11 percent and total public college enrollment has fallen 3.4 percent. Private universities aren’t doing so hot either,” according to the editorial. “What on earth could be causing this incredibly mysterious phenomenon? Here’s a wild guess: rising tuition.”

Read the complete Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial here.

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