“EDITORIAL: Why is the price tag so high?” – Affordable College Tuition
“EDITORIAL: Why is the price tag so high?”

Why is the price tag so high for college in Virginia?

That’s exactly what the Martinsville Bulletin asked this week in their editorial here just after the University of Virginia announced a 2.2 percent increase in tuition costs for in-state and 3.5 percent for out of state students.

“We pay the price because we have to,” the editorial stated. “If we don’t, we’ll miss out on jobs and opportunity. That’s what everyone tells you when you’re deciding on a college or university. But is the price worth what you’re getting in return? If you’re paying through loans, scholarships or help from mom and dad, the question is the same. Why is the price tag so high?”

Read the complete editorial here and then get ready to ACT Now! Visit our ACTion Center here. Write your legislator, sign our petition and find other ways to get involved in finding ways to make college affordable in Virginia.