“Editorial: The campaign speech we’d like to hear” – Affordable College Tuition
“Editorial: The campaign speech we’d like to hear”

The campaign speech we’d all like to see from Virginia’s upcoming candidates for governor includes addressing the cost of college tuition in the Commonwealth.

And today, The Roanoke-Times wrote and published it “in hopes that one of the six people running for governor – two Democrats, four Republicans – will claim it as their own.”

“College costs too much,” Roanoke’s suggested speech said. “We now have the sixth-highest tuition in the country. That is simply unacceptable. Gov. George Allen once imposed a tuition freeze. I will impose another one until, as our president said about another matter, we figure out what the heck is going on here. And yes, I’ll require that our state colleges admit at least 75 percent of their students from in-state. Our foremost goal is to make Virginia more competitive.”

Read the complete editorial and draft speech from The Roanoke-Times here.

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