“Editorial: Another VCU price hike? C’mon.” – Affordable College Tuition
“Editorial: Another VCU price hike? C’mon.”

It’s true. Even after all of the talk this year at the 2017 General Assembly session about the cost of higher education in the state, Virginia Commonwealth University raised tuition.

And this week the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an editorial saying, “another VCU price hike? C’mon.”

The editorial called the tuition hike strictly a policy choice that parents should understand is not related to an “outside entity forcing the school’s hand.”

“The school might have no choice but to raise tuition by 3 percent to 5 percent, officials claim – because the state is stiffing it on general appropriations. Please. State support for higher education has shrunk. But tuition and fees have risen by amounts that more than make up the difference,” the paper wrote.

State “cuts” have not exactly left VCU malnourished, the editorial said.

“Since 2000, state appropriations for colleges and universities have shrunk by about one third in constant dollars. But in the past decade alone, tuition and fees at VCU have grown by 157 percent. Inflation over that same period was 19 percent.”

VCU’s budget increased during that time period, the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote.

“In the 2005-2006 academic year, the school’s total revenue stood at $657.4 million. If the budget had simply kept pace with inflation, then it would have grown to $783 million by 2015-2016. Instead, it topped $1 billion.”

Enrollment growth doesn’t account for that growth.

“Over the past decade enrollment has grown by less than 6.5 percent. Inflation and enrollment growth together would have brought VCU’s budget to $833 million — not $1 billion.”

Read the complete editorial here.

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