“Colleges were on the defense this legislative session” – Affordable College Tuition
“Colleges were on the defense this legislative session”

Colleges were on the defense this legislative session in Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported today.

“The legislative season saw efforts to limit tuition, increase scrutiny of finances and curtail some of the autonomy that the schools gained when the General Assembly approved higher-education restructuring more than a decade ago,” the Virginia paper reported, highlighting specifically the nonprofit advocacy group called Partners 4 Affordable Excellence @EDU and its work to push the cost of a degree as a significant issue in the campaign.

Partners 4 Affordable Excellence @EDU is the parent organization of ACT Now!

“While the legislative proposals that worried the presidents were largely unsuccessful, they are not likely to be shelved in this gubernatorial election year — Sen. Frank W. Wagner of Virginia Beach, a candidate for the Republican nomination, called for a tuition freeze on the Senate floor,” the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote.

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