Action Center – Affordable College Tuition

Action Center

In Virginia, tuition and fees at public colleges have exploded. In just 10 years, students and their parents are paying 74 percent more for a degree. It’s gotten so bad that the rate of increase in tuition has exceeded the devastating rise in national health care by more than 50 percent.

Some say that cuts in state funding have pushed public colleges to hike tuition, that Richmond is to blame. That’s wrong. For every $1 reduction in public funding, tuition goes up by $2.

This month, the House of Delegates acknowledged those harsh realities, and new legislation to take the initial steps to reform higher education has moved out of committee. Now, the Senate has the opportunity not only to follow the lead of the House, but to also go beyond current efforts.

Delegates and senators from both sides of the aisle have taken courageous stands to make a public college degree more affordable for Virginians. They have our thanks, but now is the time to let everyone know how you feel.

Sign the petition. And then, send legislators a strong message to ACT NOW!