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Affordable College Tuition

ACT Now is a grassroots campaign to make higher education affordable for millions of Americans by rolling back college tuition. ACT Now engages Americans from all walks of life for the common good of restoring the American Dream of higher education that is secured by lowering tuition, a central component of dramatically reducing student debt. The ACT Now vision is based on four `action pillars’ that include affordability, accountability, transparency and advocacy.

To partner with us to lower tuition and make college affordable in your area, contact us at tuitionmovement@gmail.com.

We believe it is vital for students and families to benefit from lower tuition and fees at public universities to make college more affordable to all Americans.

We believe in a very public budget process and that decision makers at state universities should be held accountable for spending decisions that affect tuition.

We believe that detailed college budgets should be available to the public and that all decisions should be made with public input, allowing interested parties to have a stake in the process.

We believe in providing a voice to parents, students, the community and all interested parties, including legislators, to lower tuition and reduce student education debt.

ACT Now is a campaign presented by Partners 4 Affordable Excellence @EDU, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to transform higher education by nurturing a variety of strategic investments, advocating innovative research and policy and piloting new tools and structures to support change agent leadership. Learn more about Partners 4 Affordable Excellence @EDU at: http://partners4edu.org

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Address: 1629 K Street NW Washington, D.C. 20036
Email: tuitionmovement@gmail.com
Phone: 757.683.3458