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Our Mission


Holding the decision makers at public universities accountable for spending decisions that affect tuition.


Providing a voice to parents, students, the community and all interested parties to lower tuition and reduce education debt.


Lowering tuition fees at public universities to make college more affordable to all Americans.


Compelling universities to be transparent in how they set tuition rates, allowing interested parties to have a stake in the process.

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Education debt now exceeds credit card debt in the U.S. Something has to change. And you can help. Join us to ACT Now and stem the tide of rising college tuition costs. Visit our ACTion Center to find and write your legislator, sign our petition, track legislation or join the movement. 


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Who should ACT NOW?

A radical reset of the higher education American Dream.

Students — Students with enormous debt due to soaring college tuition costs have the most to gain. Lower college tuition will allow them to graduate without the burden of crippling debt that hinders their future and also prevents many from achieving the dream of attaining a college diploma.

Parents — Many parents finance their children’s college education and take on whopping debt that restricts their finances and affects their quality of life. Those who don’t or can’t finance their children’s college education know intimately how the debt hinders their economic future once they graduate.

Taxpayers — The high level of student debt is expected to cost taxpayers $170 billion over the next decade, according to one study. (FYI link: The high debt also is a drain on the economy.

Community — High college debt loads means graduates are delaying the purchase of homes and they are not getting married and starting families. They are also not launching businesses. All of these combine to lower the growth of the American economy locally and nationally.

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